Even though soccer is not the most loved sport in the US, it has a very long history here, almost as long as that of the English. This sport is famous all over the world, and it is also popular in the US, but there are also other sports which are even more popular here.

Despite this, the history of this sport is long and very surprising. After the English established the rules of soccer, they soon took the sport to them to the New World, where it soon gained popularity.

It became very popular, along with the other incredibly loved game, baseball. In fact, after the Major League Baseball, the American Football Association is the second oldest sports league in the United States, and that gives a clue about the popularity of these two sports.

The professional league is, of course, not found at the beginning of soccer history, it was developed quite a while after this sport became played all over the US. After playing soccer for a while as an amateur game, Americans set up the basis for the American Football Association, which at first was a semi-professional association.

At first, things were not very well established, so the numerous rules and the association of the sport and of the games became more organized over time, gradually. At first, the soccer competition only involved New England and some Midwest areas, but gradually it gained ground and became more and more popular.

Around the same time as the professional institution, the American Amateur Football Association was created, and the two competitions coexisted until the year 1913, when they merged into the Us Football Association. This is the first actual professional soccer organization established, and it has a better organization and better developed regulations than its predecessor organizations.

The USFA (US Football Association) was among the first organizations to join FIFA and this gave the opportunity for American teams to participate in the earliest World Cups. While football was losing ground in the US to baseball and basketball, it was increasing in popularity in Europe, and then became famous all over the world.

The USFA changed its name into the US Soccer Football Association, as American football started gaining ground and it was necessary to avoid any confusion. In 1974, the organization dropped the word “football” from its name altogether, adopting the name United States Soccer Federation; this is the name the organization is currently known.

Many people are surprised to see that, although soccer is by far the most popular sport in many places all over the world, this is not valid for the United States. That does not become such a miracle though, when considering the rather poor performance of the American teams, because over the history of soccer, they haven’t really managed to develop a history of successes and they haven’t gained as many cups or prises as the fans would have hoped.